Thomas S. DiBello Photography


Of all the visual arts, I find photography among the most revealing and honest. Every photo, no matter how manipulated, has roots leading back to the truth of one moment. Mostly self taught through experimentation, trial, and error, my photography primarily uses natural lighting and minimal post production editing to capture the beauty and unique features of reality. From the subtle grace of a spring bloom to the intimate expression on a loved one's face to the hard geometry of our built environment, I try to capture the wonder of each moment as I see it.

Raised in the historic city of Covington, KY and across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, OH, architecture has become my passion. I love the way the structures humans create and place on the earth define our landscape and our interaction with it throughout the years. You'll notice this passion in much of my photography.

Feel free to explore my galleries. If you have any interest in purchasing one of my photos or have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact me at